What happens, in fact, if you give up bread and stop eating after 6pm?

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We've all heard that if we want to keep fit and even lose weight it would be good to give up meals after 6pm and remove bread entirely from eating.

Nutritionists, however, dispel this myth so popular with Romanians. Evening meal is also important for a healthy diet, but we must not overdo it.

"Evening meal knows everyone does not have to be extremely abundant, although if you have not eaten during the day you must eat either it is evening or in the morning," explained Dr. Corina Zugravu, lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest and a researcher at the Institute of Public Health.

Bread is not so great a danger to the figure. As long as it is carefully eaten and avoided the 1 lion's flannel, it can be consumed with confidence.

"Bread, if it is seen as what it is, a food that brings in calories and various nutrients, is fine. We must not make excesses. Romanians forget to report that they ate it. They ate food, but forget that they ate a lot of bread next to the food, ”says Dr. Corina Zugravu.

This is indeed a high calorie food, but the nutritionist says that it is unjustifiable to give up altogether. However, if you ate too much bread, it would be good to reduce the amount you eat.

There is no fixed, ideal amount of bread that you can eat every day. "It depends a lot on what other foods you eat in a day, but if you eat in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, a slice of bread is no problem. Sometimes even more, ”explains the nutritionist.

There are many varieties of bread in Romanian supermarkets. Some have good, hyperprotein compositions, they have seeds and vitamins. Everything is to know we choose them from the shelves of the stores. "Franzela of 1 leu is the last one on the list", Zugravu warns.


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