What happens to men if they lower their testosterone level, the main fuel of amorous performance

What happens to men if they lower their testosterone level, the main fuel of amorous performance

The main "fuel" of male sexual performance is testosterone, a hormone responsible for both men's specific features (muscularity, thick voice, pilose) and libido.

It is normal for sexual appetite to decrease after 20 years, but it varies from male to male. The main factor driving sex chest (90% of cases) is testosterone, which begins to be secreted in adolescence and can be affected by many factors throughout life, including lack of sleep, stress, depression or certain medications .

"The drugs for schizophrenia and depression increase the level of prolactin that blocks the action of testosterone." The hormone itself is secreted in normal amounts but its action is inhibited, "explains Dan Peretianu, a sexologist endocrinologist at the Povernei Medical Clinic in Bucharest.

Obesity and poor blood circulation cause erectile dysfunction

Testosterone levels are not the only cause of sexual dysfunction, but also poor blood circulation, due to the inability of the arteries to dilate.
"Atherosclerosis makes the blood vessels not dilute at the desired time. Thus, erectile dysfunction occurs. Diabetes, vascular disorders, obesity, and high levels of cholesterol are other diseases that affect erection, "adds the doctor.


Problems can be treated with drugs

Two analyzes can determine the cause of problems in the bed: one showing the degree of penile vasculature (an intrapulsion injection) and a set of hormonal analyzes that determine blood hormone levels. The doctor may recommend several types of investigations, depending on the complexity of each case.

"I recommend six assays: for testosterone, IGF1, prolactin, FSH, LH and
estradiol. The analysis does not require prior training and is generally done in the morning without having to refrain from eating, "explains Dr. Peretianu. Depending on the result, hormonal treatment is established.

"If you have a low level of testosterone, a testosterone treatment is prescribed. If you have a high level of prolactin (a hormone that inhibits testosterone action), antiprolactin treatment is prescribed, "explains the endocrinologist.

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