What happens to the soul after death? Explanation of scientists

What happens to the soul after death? Explanation of scientists

What happens to the soul after death is an aspect that has always been concerned and concerned. It was always the need to know, fear and hope, so faith was the refugees of those who try to explain.

But what is the opinion of the scientists? And death belongs to the category of fascinating, provocative, tumultuous and frightening things. What really scares us? The unknown scares us.

Since the beginning of mankind, this enigma has arisen: "What happens after we die?" And when we think better, there are only two possible answers: something or nothing.

Of course, according to each person's religion, there are the nuances of these and nothing. Do we recycle or not? This is the question.

According to physician Stuart Hameroff, something happens and involves consciousness.

The word "conscience" is defined by the English Oxford Dictionary as:

– the state of being awake and aware of the environment.

– awareness of the perception of something by a person.

– the awareness of her and of the world by her mind.

– Intuition that the human being has about his own existence. 2 Intuitive or reflexive knowledge everyone has about their own existence and the things around it. 3 Understanding. – According to Dex.

Predictably, consciousness – like death – is strongly debated. Some believe that consciousness is the direct result of brain activity. Others believe that external forces, for example "the universe", "God" – and the internal elements, eg "Spirit", "Life", "Mind" etc. contribute to our state of being.

Dr. Hameroff takes charge of the University of Arizona's Consciousness Study Center and spent the last 50 years exploring the mirages of consciousness in relation to quantum mechanics, the theory of atomic material particle motion. So they came to the conclusion that at the atomic micro level we have a soul. In a way, we continue to live in the form of particles, floating through the Universe, and through the remaining consciousness, we feed both us and others.

According to Hameroff and Penrose scientists, within a neuron are protein structures called microtubules, which are one micron in length and a thousand times smaller in diameter. They would generate consciousness because they contain the information that defines us. Microtubules also contain quantum energy.

"… Our theory houses both scientific and religious points of view, suggesting that consciousness derives from quantum vibrations in microtubules, protein polymers within brain neurons that govern both neuronal and synaptic functions, and connects brain processes to auto processes "fine-scale organization" "the quantum structure of reality".

Note that the two doctors published their results twenty years ago. Since then, there have been many technological advances (eg, brain imaging and observation apparatus), but they seem to support the theory of Hameroff and Penrose anyway.

The Law of Energy Conservation, loudly accepted by scientists, states that "energy can not be created nor destroyed." But energy can change its shape.

The energy inside us must change the forms. This is the law. '


Quantum energy was the foundation of the formation of the universe.

Quantum energy is found in humans.

We have the universe in us.

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