What happens when you drink alcohol when you’re young. 4 beers are enough to be exposed to this important risk

Drinking alcohol does not seem to be a lifestyle approved by doctors. Conclusions of a new study will give shivers to young men who drink more than 1 portion of alcohol a day.

The study recently says that after 4 beers you are undergoing a major risk of slowing brain development.

As young people begin to consume alcohol sooner and at an increasing rhythm, scientists are cautioned to warn: four beers a day are enough to prevent brain development by 47 percent! They made this discovery by studying macaces, mammals whose brain develops normally with 1mm every two years! Following voluntary alcohol consumption, the increase was 0.25 millimeters lower annually.

At the same time, UK researchers have found that people who drink a bottle of wine per week have a 1.4 percent higher risk of cancer. The same effect occurs in people who smoke up to ten cigarettes at the same time.

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