What is common sense and what do we do with it? Psychologist's explanations

What is common sense and what do we do with it? Psychologist's explanations

Explanations of the psychologist Alexandru Pleșea: What can you do with common sense in a "cold" world?

The nature of things is given by human interpretations, and our principles, lusts, desires, pleasures, sensations, all have a changing character according to interests. Moreover, common sense is a state of the soul, the body belongs to the sensations and the lusts, and to the mind, the intelligence.

In the opinion of the psychologist Alexandru Pleşea, known to the public opinion as the Coach of the Mind, the physical things are not given to touch the soul, they are outside him and remain unwavering, because the things have no feelings; but people attribute them by attachment and give them life, and the interior of man becomes sensitive and changeable when things break down or disappear. Understanding this would save many people from depression and anxiety.

“Smile, gratitude and patience are the attributes of common sense, and with them we can go on any road in life. They lead man through all obstacles, storms, disappointments. They are like an extra-organ that we must carry with us. Through them we experience the tranquility of life without being disturbed by any outside storm. Thus, the mind remains clean, clear and attentive to what is in front of it, not to what is in the distance. Common sense, this language of the soul grows to the last breath, it is a virtue that develops only by its own will. Common sense is missing when we are unhappy. We notice that we are all in search of a bigger house, a bigger car, a better paid job, more money, and the outside things will never end, but the sign that shows how good our sense is, is in modesty and inner gratification and when we have them and when we lose them, we remain imperturbable, ”explains psychologist Alexandru Pleșea.

Common sense is the form by which man surpasses himself

Patience is a form of common sense that we experience more than others. It supports the cause of love for others, offers time and helps open the hearts and minds of those who experience it.

“We, people, exist for each other and common sense is observed when we are patient with our neighbor, when we help him, when we do justice, when we feel what he feels. All people do evil at one point, often unintentionally, the evil being interpreted by those who do not understand the situation, and here you can think a little, many have fallen asleep, suspected, deceived, ugly, fought and all found their end, becoming ashes, so my advice for you is to calm down a bit and to give common sense to our soul and to the soul of those around us, that only all come from the same Source ”, he concludes psychologist Alexandru Pleșea, known to public opinion as the Coach of the Mind.

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