What is hand-mouth-to-mouth disease and how dangerous it is

What is hand-mouth-to-mouth disease and how dangerous it is

Mouth-to-mouth disease is a viral infection that causes rash in the mouth or mouth, on the hands, feet, and sometimes on the buttocks.

Mouth-to-mouth disease starts as a virosis, fever, sore throat and skin rash. The most targeted are children in the community, schools and kindergartens. Even if many cases are recorded in children, and adults get sick of this disease.

Mouth-to-mouth disease is caused by enterovirus, which spreads rapidly through coughs and sneezing. It can also spread through the infected seat if the faeces reach the child's hands and then touch objects that other children put in their mouths. Most of the time, the disease is triggered within a collective.

After an incubation period of three to six days, the disease begins to manifest itself with the first symptoms. As a severe flu, hand-to-mouth disease starts with fever, tiredness and redness in the throat. Then, either the same day or the next, slight rashes occur on the upper, lower limbs and around the mouth. The eruptions can be painful and they can break and form a shell. In some cases, there are no symptoms or if they appear, they are very mild. Usually, the disease does not last longer than about a week.

Signs and symptoms

  • high fever 39-40 degrees Celsius
  • sore throat due to vesicles and ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa (lingual, gingival, pharyngeal) due to which the child can not eat. Smaller children can also refuse liquids, which leads to dehydration.
  • maculopapular rash, vesicular on the palms, soles, around the lips. The succession of the eruption is often the following: mouth-to-hand.
  • general malaise, irritability
  • decreased appetite
  • dehydration.

Given the similarity with influenza, it is very important that you present yourself to your doctor at the onset of your first symptoms. Only the doctor will be able to establish the correct diagnosis.

Mouth-to-mouth disease is not serious, does not involve major health risks and heals just as a virosis in 7-9 days. However, it is important not to forget that it is very contagious and it is advisable that the parents who notice the first symptoms keep the children at home, that the disease does not spread throughout the community.

And parents get mildly soiled, so isolation is required.

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