What is recommended in severe cases of depression?

What is recommended in severe cases of depression?

Depression is a disease and should be treated exactly as a condition. You can not neglect the symptoms of depression because the consequences are serious and sometimes irreparable. The most commonly used treatments for depression are psychotherapy and antidepressant medication or a combination of the two.

About the treatment of depression I talked to Dorina Stamate, a psychotherapist at the Clinic of Happiness (www.clinicadefericire.ro).

It is possible to ask yourself which of the two treatments is better. However, specialists claim that the most appropriate treatment for a person depends on the nature and severity of depression.

In mild or moderate depression, psychotherapy is the most appropriate treatment. But in severe cases of depression, medication is generally recommended in addition to psychotherapy. In combination treatment, medicines can relieve your physical symptoms in a short time. And this time will allow psychotherapy to provide you with more effective ways to treat your problems, the psychologist told us.

How psychotherapy helps you to treat depression

According to the specialist, psychotherapy is used to treat depression in several ways.

First of all, it is supportive care that can help alleviate the pain and despair of depression. Second, cognitive behavioral therapy helps to change pessimistic ideas, unrealistic expectations, excessive criticism that creates depression. Cognitive therapy can help a depressed person recognize and differentiate between critical and minor life issues. It can also help it develop positive living goals as well as positive self-assessment. Thirdly, in the treatment of depression, it is necessary to change the living areas of the person who creates significant stress and contributes to depression, the psychologist explained.

It also says that these things require behavioral therapy to develop a better adaptation to stress. In addition, there is an increase in problem solving ability.

How does antidepressant medication help?

Antidepressant drugs do not cure depression but just help the patient to better control their symptoms.

In particular, says Dorina Stamte, if a person is depressed because of life problems such as conflicts in a relationship, divorce, loss of a loved one, work pressure, financial crises taking a pill will not make problems disappear. But, pills can help you more easily control your symptoms of sadness, anger, anxiety.

Medicines used to treat depression work in different ways. Treatment should be monitored to ensure the most effective dose and to minimize adverse effects. The doctor may provide information on possible side effects and / or dietary restrictions, the specialist said.

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