What is the lack of intimate contacts in a relationship. The negative effects of abstinence

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Couples who go "without sex" are more than anyone could imagine.

Statistics in the US show that a married couple has sex 58 times a year on average, which means about once a week, according to a study by sociologists at Georgia State University, published in nytimes.ro.
There are also some "variations". Young married younger than 30 years of age have sex 111 times a year.
"In the past, abstinence was a place of contraception. It was a time when women did not fully enjoy sex, all by limiting themselves to marital duties. In addition, unhappy couples stayed together only by the mouth of the world and for the children's sake. There is the same trend today, "explains Denise A. Donnelly, author of the study.

Why does this happen? If in the case of couples the partners did not get used to sex from the beginning, in others, privacy can be "disturbed" by the arrival of the first child or extramarital adventures.

"The partners get bored of each other and their sexual life becomes insipid. Others are overwhelmed by domestic and professional responsibilities, or absorbed by careers, by raising children, "the author of the study added.

Except for medical problems, other people may be "asexual" from nature, having low libido, or simply do not attach too much importance to sex. It can also be too rigid education, which has inspired a "feeling of guilt" about everything that means sex and procreation.

The lack of sex announces that the relationship is over

But abstinent couples are less fortunate than those who have an active sex life, say specialists. Sex is not the only form of "intimacy", and some couples are also reconciled with this lifestyle.

"The more I have sex, the happier the partners are. Those non-life sex couples take more account of the divorce. Lack of sex may be the first alarm that that marriage is over, "says the sociologist. "Seasoning" of sexual life and reinventing is very difficult, especially after a long "rupture".

A weekend away from home and children, a cruise can "revive" a screaming marriage, but both partners are afraid of disappointing again.

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