What it means if you dream a close deceased

Dreams are fascinating and they are always a matter of interest. Although sometimes they may be ridiculous or laughable, some are lived so intensely that they have to mean something.

A dream that leaves no one indifferent is when we dream a dear person, who is no longer among us. And we start to worry: what does it mean? Why did I dream about it? What does he want to convey to me? I have to give him alms!

Unfortunately, science does not have much data about dreams, but we know that dreams are a way to process our emotions. Often people dream about things that happened in the past as if our brain would re-evaluate some information.

Although many people do not remember what they dreamed in the morning, researchers show us that we dream, on average, 2 hours per night. Although you can dream at any stage of sleep, dreams are more intense about 90 minutes after I get deep sleep.

Scientists have not come up with many explanations about dreams, but parapsychologists have said their point of view. When you dream of a loved one who has died, an environment thinks it is a visiting dream that is divided into two categories. Once it can bring relief, comfort, it feels so real that you feel that you have truly seen the person you missed, or you can wake up with a sense of frustration and fear. In both cases, it is believed that the loved one is trying to send you a message.

Some business dreams give you a sense of peace, comfort, and happiness. In this case, the dead person may send you a quiet message. Maybe he wants to calm you down, not to worry, to convey somehow that it’s good where you are and you are trying to accept his passage, the mission he has from now on.

Most who study the esoteric part say the same thing. The more you accept the passing of your loved one to another stage of his spiritual evolution, the more will be your peace. Their passage must be smooth, without making their journey difficult. When the mission on Earth ends, it is much better to let them go quietly. And if we did that, they were quiet in our dreams, giving us that feeling of peace.

Some visitors to the dream of dear dear ones will find themselves anxious and feeling afraid. But you do not have to worry. It’s hard to interpret what he wants to convey such a dream. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how you felt during your dream. And if a dear one did not visit in the dream after he died, it does not mean he does not love you or is in a bad place. It could simply mean that you still live and process your losses in other ways, and you are not ready for a visit. Other times you can dream about them, but you can not remember.

A good idea is to have a notebook and a pen in hand to record things as soon as you wake up because it’s easy to forget the details of some dreams in the morning.

The conclusion is important. Dreams do not have to scare you but ask you some questions. What else do you have to deal with, first of all, in the relationship with the deceased person? And if you have any remorse with regard to it, the advice from the elders could really help. Pray for that person and light a candle for his soul. And last but not least, buy something that he loved very much and give to a man without material possibilities. Deliver these products with love and in the memory of the person who is no longer near you, is an infallible method to calm you.

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