What NUTRITIONISTS Eat in the Morning: “Never deviate from breakfast, which is ALWAYS composed of …”

The first meal of the day is essential, especially when you want to get rid of extra pounds. Specialists say that people who do not skip over breakfast eat less during the day.

Prof. Dr. Mencinicopschi says he is neither a vegetarian nor a carnivore. “I am omnivorous and always listening to my body and its needs. I take three meals a day, of which breakfast is the most important. In the morning I eat within an hour of waking up enough food (egg, lean meat, fish, onion and garlic). An example of breakfast: Japanese miso soup with lemon and sweet pepper and grilled chicken pulp with garlic muesli. Without bread, only with half-lemon salad, “says Mencinicopschi Nutritionist.

I never deviate from breakfast

The Honorary President of the Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, professor Hancu, is a great amateur of fruit salads but admits that he does not refuse any good wine.

“I start my work by waking up at 5:30 and the breakfast I never deviate from is made of yogurt and flakes. At 10,30-11 I take a snack consisting of a stick of dried plums, cinnamon, peanuts or nuts.

On Saturday and Sunday, at breakfast, I have a white omelet made up of 3-4 very good egg whites fried on oil-free teflon, in which I add nothing. For years, all my meals are very poor in salt, “explains Professor Hancu.

Who does not skip breakfast does not get fat

My diet is usually based on natural products, with low-fat dairy, vegetables (as far as possible raw), whole grains and legumes. I eat often and I never get up from the table with my belly full.

Those who do not skip breakfast have less chance of gaining weight in life, have better physical and mental performance, and the fact that we are not hungry or wanting to lose weight are not arguments to jump over the morning breakfast.

If we do not eat in the morning, there is likely to be an intense hunger around 11-12 and we’ll try to “solve it” by eating sweets or other hypercaloric products. The best breakfast is the one that has enough fiber and protein to keep you hungry until the next meal without too much sugar or saturated fats. Good healthy choices include whole bread, eggs, peanut butter, cereals, fruits, skim milk, explains nutritionist Corina Zugravu

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