What parents need to do to have happy children

What parents need to do to have happy children

Not long ago, happiness was synonymous with childhood. From the time we live fast, depression has even affected children, and adults in an alarming number!

Living fast ahead, lack of time, excess work and lack of outdoor activities has brought us to the point where we need a strategy to have happy children.

How do we make happy children both at school and at home? Our hypnotist Eugen Popa tells us.

We have all gone through school and the education system; Some went out more wrinkled than others, some managed to do better than others with the timetable, boring stuff, homework, lack of free time, and the fun they had before.

In the opinion of the hypnotherapist Eugen Popa, the president of the Romanian Association of Hypnosis, beyond the very good or less good grades a child takes in school, the most important aspect of a school's life is the degree of happiness. "If we press too much on the accelerator pedal and suffocate our children with too many themes or extracurricular activities, we risk going down the other side of the barricade and raising unhappy children without lust for life without the desire to develop. The most important indicator, which measures how well our children grow, is ultimately the degree of happiness, "explains the specialist.

Moreover, Eugen Popa believes that he exists 7 basic rules which parents might apply so that their children are happy both at school and at home:

Play. "Children learn the fastest and easiest way to play. Playing is the easiest way to learn and one through which your child becomes unstoppable. If you want to have a happy and healthy baby, spend time playing with him. Make a game of learning and then you've relieved 16 years of life, "explains hypotherapist Eugen Popa.

Be a Sample. "The child does what he sees to others around him. Of course, most often he sees parents, their way of action and manifestation. If YOU, your father, still snooze and leave the day after tomorrow what you can do tomorrow, guess what your child will do when it comes to getting up in the morning or doing homework! ", Says Eugen Popa.

He is often mistaken and pathetic! "The more you try to be" perfect "the more fences and chicken locks around the free development of your child. If you did not know this, most children who want to have good grades at school do this to thank their parents and make them proud of them, and not because they children have an uncontrollable hope in this direction. The more you push the child to be perfect, to have "good grades" and to be "good", the more chances become to become Obsesiv-Compulsive, which is a real problem, "thinks hypnotherapist Eugen Popa.

Make sure your child is always with him. "You can do it very simply, give it a picture of yourself or your object to wear while you are at school. This helps him enormously and protects him against possible difficulties and even intense emotional states, "explains the specialist.

Help your child to think freely. "Children do not know too many rules when they start school (thank God)! In fact, it is very important to understand that the world is composed of two categories of people: those who conform and make possible the existence of society, and those who break the borders, non-conformists, those who push the society further. The latter are the ones who produce the greatest achievements. It is very important to help children be as free as possible but at the same time to discern between what helps you grow and what is just a fashionable moment, "says Eugen Popa.

Provides emotional support! "The child needs this especially in the early school age! Although at first glance this whole thing with school can only look like milk and honey, it can deeply affect the child's entire emotional immune system. To prevent this, but also to provide the child with a healthy and happy life, he communicates with him on all plans, both consciously and unconsciously. That's why we recommend the SleepTalk program for children, which the Romanian Hypnosis Association has developed in Romania.

Wound Repair. "For many children, school is a kind of dark forest full of monsters and dragons, from classmates to teachers and school staff. Many times children are emotionally injured without even realizing this. These injuries remain in the depths of the soul and often affect the rest of life. To avoid this unfortunate outcome, you can help your child, but also the inner child, communicate with him, give him everything he needs, everything he needs. That is the word, "sweet talk brings much.", Concludes Eugen Popa, president of the Romanian Association of Hypnosis.

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