What the Hollywwood stars eat in the morning. Healthy breakfast ideas

What the Hollywwood stars eat in the morning. Healthy breakfast ideas

As the paparazzi are all the time behind, the stars are very concerned about what they look like.

Although they have access to all kinds of slimming and maintenance treatments at more than expensive costumes, celebrities know that an enviable silhouette begins with something much simpler and cheaper: a healthy breakfast.

Here's what the stars eat in the morning

Gwyneth Paltrow opt for omelette with vegetables

Gwyneth Paltrow's second actbook, "It's All Good," focuses on low carbohydrate products, gluten-free and fewer dairy products. One of the nutritionists who help her have a good diet is Dr. Frank Lipman, who recommended eating omelette in the morning with vegetables, smoked salmon, avocado sardines and gluten-free bread.

Julia Roberts choose oatmeal with egg and avocado

It's not that sweet oat bran, but one that includes eggs and avocados. Interesting, is not it? Oats contain a fiber called beta-glucan that lowers bad cholesterol. Once you have cooked oatmeal with water or vegetable soup, put an egg over them and remove the saucepan from the fire after the egg has been made. Finally add half a diced avocado. "You have a full breakfast of fiber, protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals," explains Kathy Kaehler, coach and nutritionist of beautiful Julia Roberts.

Jennifer Aniston eats omelette with chicken, avocado and parmesan cheese

Recognized for its perfectly toned body, Jennifer Aniston is the # 1 fan of protein-rich diets. So he prefers to take a hearty breakfast, choosing an egg white, chicken, avocado and parmesan omelette, we learn from his nutritionist, Carrie Wiatt. "Eggs are an important source of protein, and avocados bring in good fat and nutrients with an anti-inflammatory role," explains the nutritionist who also recommends a bowl of various berries.

Fergie combines cow cheese with tomatoes

To maintain her silhouette without hunger, Fergie chooses breakfast for cow's cheese with sliced ​​tomatoes. "This combination of breakfast is balanced in protein, fiber and antioxidants," explains Carrie Wiatt, nutritionist at the show.

Jennifer Lopez chooses a protein powder shake for breakfast

Jennifer Lopez takes his breakfast on his way to work, opting for a protein shake that gives him the energy he needs. "This drink provides a lot of energy and nutrients, being a healthy and fast option for the morning meal. Mix two teaspoons of protein powder in cold water and add some cinnamon as it accelerates metabolism, "says Haylie Pomroy, the nutritionist of the star.

Hilary Swank eats Greek yoghurt with wild berries and raw almonds

To keep fit, Hilary Swank chooses Greek yogurt for breakfast and combines it with a handful of berries and some raw almonds. "Yogurt contains probiotics, calcium and protein. These nutrients add fruit antioxidants and good almond fats that regulate blood sugar levels and keep feeling satiated for a long time, "explains Doctor Oz Garcia, the nutritionist of the star.

Khloe Kardashian-Milk Cereals

The Star TV told People that they prefer grains of skim milk (2% fat) to breakfast, which he finishes with a cup of coffee.

Kelly Osbourne

Since he started his loose program, that is, since 2009, Kelly Osbourne has managed to take down 31 pounds. Ozzy's famous daughter knows that in order to keep his weight, he does not have to jump over breakfast. Kelly told Shape magazine he is taking a normal breakfast consisting of two boiled eggs, low fat cheese and whole bread.

Julianne Hough prefers shakes

The actress is a big fan of fruit juices, according to the magazine "Bon Appetite". Julianne Hough consumes breakfast shakes of fruits and greens made in the house, but also eats grapefruit and asparagus omelette.

Maria Menounos chooses Greek yogurt

The TV host has inherently the cameras facing it, which is why a well-preset regime follows. She starts the morning with a Greek jam mixed with fresh blueberries.

Stacy Keibler

Actress and model alike, Keibler puts great value on silhouette, which is why she prefers in the morning a smoothie of organic fruit and vegetables.

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