What to eat at dinner to lose weight in a week

What to eat at dinner to lose weight in a week

What to eat at dinner to lose weight in a week

If you want to lose 3 pounds in a week, in the warm season, it's good to keep in mind a set of rules on what to eat at dinner.
If you respect these rules and if you manage to build a balanced diet, you will be able to eliminate the extra pounds with great ease.
According to nutritionists, when the weather is warming up, the body has a slightly high metabolism and that's why dinner and breakfast are very important for healthy nutrition. During the day, when temperatures are high, it is advisable to consume light foods and as many fibers as possible.
One of the most important rules is that the evening meal will not be taken later than 19 o'clock because after that time metabolism is much slower. At the same time, all carbonated juices and everything that means bread and pasta must be removed from the diet.
Here are some variants of food to eat at dinner:

Day 1: Two slices of red melon with 100 grams of skimmed cheese.

Day 2: Green beans paste, boiled, mixed with garlic and very little olive oil.

Day 3: Tomato salad with cucumber, seasoned with apple vinegar and a little olive oil.

Day 4: Cut red pieces with a slice of salty cheese (maximum 150 grams).

Day 5: Two small bananas.

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