When the ear stops listening and the hearing is in danger

When the ear stops listening and the hearing is in danger

Touches are noises perceived by man in his ear or all over his head, like a roar, a whisper. Physicians say some are permanent, regardless of external noise, and others are intermittent. That is, they appear and trigger in the effort, in the lying position, at the head movement.

Causes of tongs can be many. For example, specialists say blame may be the oscillating voltage, either too low or too high. They can also occur due to hypoglycemia when we are stressed, tired or sleepy. The good news is, however, that this type of tongue passes after eating and sleeping.

Doctors warn that if ear loud sounds do not pass in a few days, we need to go to a specialist for the necessary investigations, diagnosis and eventual treatment to remove the underlying cause.

The most affected are the young people

The most affected are the young people who listen to music very loud, in the headphones, those who go to clubs or discos, but also those who work in noise of over 80 dB daily, but also those who shoot with firearms. These are subjected to a sound trauma, basically in their case that they damage an auditory nerve, which can be definitive. Affection is often accompanied by hearing loss – patients lose their ability to understand words and suffer from headaches.

One of the factors favoring acupuncture is age, hearing loss is related to the normal aging process. Also, administering some medicines may cause imbalances in the middle ear cells. But it can also be a common missed wax, but sometimes there are conditions like Meniere's disease.

Meniere's disease, a disorder that causes hearing disorder

Meniere's Disease is an internal ear disorder caused by the accumulation of excessive fluid in the inner ear, and it disturbs the balance, causing dizziness, tingling, and hearing disturbances.

Physicians say that otitis media may also cause tiredness. As well as external trauma, for example, a slap over the ear can lead to the appearance of tongues.

Even though most of the times the mouthwashes do not pose a threat to the health of an individual, if they persist for more than 2 weeks, you should go to the ENT specialist. Sometimes, rarely, acupuncture may be a sign of the presence of tumors.

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