Whey therapy, renowned abroad for its incredible benefits. An Italian claims to have helped him reach 152 years

Whey therapy, renowned abroad for its incredible benefits. An Italian claims to have helped him reach 152 years

Whey is an amazing remedy and was promoted by well-known doctor Paavo Ariola. The proof that whey is amazing lies in the fact that old Thomas Parr, a simple farmer, has lived 152 years. He admitted that he consumed one glass of whey daily.

Drinking as such, on an empty stomach, or in the form of hot baths, the sour juice left over from cheese preparation is a clean medicine. From old people it is known that it strengthens the lungs, gives strength to the body and keeps diseases away.

Whey therapy is very popular in Switzerland, since ancient times, and in the Alps, you can enjoy such a bath in wooden vats, in the middle of nature. By 1850, seeing how successful such therapies were in foreign countries, a boyar from Buzau area also tried his luck in Romania. The establishment in Tainita, as it was called at that time, quickly became an attraction for Parisians. The tradition disappeared in the 1940s, with the outbreak of war and then with the installation of the communist regime.

For six years, the owners of a pension from the parts of the place have revived this tradition. In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of sheep's milk, plain or "sweetened" with fruit or vegetable juice. The owner of the pension in Varlaam, Maria Blidaru, says that the drink has beneficial effects especially on the digestive and pulmonary system.

The healing effects are confirmed by nutritionist Corina Zugravu. "It contains water-soluble milk proteins, on which the entire immune system is built. Whey protein extract forces the liver to consume cholesterol reserves. These proteins are also found in the supplements for bodybuilders, having the effect of increasing the muscle tissue to the detriment of the fat one ”. Whey contains vitamin B complex, which also helps the nervous system. The "cocktail" is recommended three times a day, before meals, and is doubled by whey, morning and evening.
For these, the whey is heated to a temperature of 38 degrees, to spread as quickly as possible throughout the body.

Baths in milk and honey

Add milk and 200 grams of honey and pour into a special wooden box, lacquered. For a special effect, roses petals are sprinkled. Whey additives are ideal for sensitive or dry skin, having the effect of softening and even alleviating allergies.

The main therapeutic effects

– It promotes digestion, helps the synthesis of bile acids and protects the liver;
– Helps to lose weight, having the effect of increasing muscle mass to the detriment of adipose tissue;
– Stimulates immunity and helps prevent and treat respiratory infections;
– It has diuretic and laxative effect;
– Reduces cholesterol levels;
– It has a detoxifying and invigorating effect, it removes fatigue;
– It softens the skin and relieves allergies.

One hundred grams of whey contains only 26 calories, which is perfect for fat burning.

Whey is full of cysteine, a substance needed for the manufacture of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from infections and toxins. Glutathione is also quite effective in the treatment of thyroid gland, cancer, sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.


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