Why are we getting older? Factors that accelerate the aging process

Why are we getting older? Factors that accelerate the aging process

The aging process is naturally natural, but most of the times it occurs much faster than biological age. Certain factors contribute to accelerating the aging process of the skin. Here's what you can do about it.

Signs of premature aging are: decreased muscle mass, abdominal fat, deep wrinkles, memory disturbances, decreased appetite, renal or cardiovascular disease.

Sleep a little and sometimes you even struggle with insomnia, you like to be as tanned as summer, you are stressed, you run away, you do not do sports, eat many sweets daily, you are negative, pessimistic, you have a chaotic diet based on processed food, sometimes even fast food? Well, if you answered all these questions with yes, then it is quite possible that these very habits will accelerate the aging process of the skin. If you still smoke, the painting is complete, experts say.

However, certain illnesses may also have side effects, such as aging or wrinkling. Thus, specialists say that depression, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, obesity may be contributing factors.

On the other hand, experts say, people who have a healthy, balanced diet, do sports, sleep 8 hours a night are beautiful and outdoors, have a skin that radiates beauty and health.

It is not, however, that gradually, gradually lost to physical beauty, but that premature aging also attracts a number of affections. More specifically, a bad life style will leave its mark not only on the physical but on the body in general. Thus, a person who smokes, drinks alcohol, does not sleep enough, chaos, does not do sports, is stressed, works a lot at risk for cardiovascular diseases, immune system diseases, allergies, osteo-articular disorders, nervous system.

Also, a person who is always stressed is prone to the risk of digestive problems such as bloating, gastritis or even ulcers, warns doctors. Also, a high level of stress can disrupt the smooth functioning of the thyroid gland. In addition, it will weaken the immune system.

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