Why do nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of beer after a copious meal. Here's how it affects digestion

Why do nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of beer after a copious meal. Here's how it affects digestion

Beer, consumed in moderate amounts, turmeric and black pepper were included by nutritionists in the category of foods that could improve digestion.

Turmeric and black pepper contain substances that can promote good functioning of the digestive system of the body. Moderately consumed beer may be helpful in the digestion process due to the soluble fiber it contains, which has a positive influence on intestinal transit. In figures, 300 ml of beer can contain up to one gram of soluble fiber.

Moderate consumption of beer can improve digestion

Specialists draw attention to the fact that proper functioning of the digestive system has direct effects on three vital factors for the body: body weight, immunity and metabolic regulation, so it is very important to maintain health and good functioning. The foods we eat play a key role in healthy digestion. Specialists include foods that are beneficial to the health of the digestive system and fluids rich in fiber, such as beer, consumed in moderate amounts.

"A glass of beer consumed after a coarser meal or after fatty meals can act beneficial to the whole body with a role in improving digestion. A moderate consumption of this food-drink could bring benefits to the body, helping to ensure proper intestinal transit. Specifically, fibers can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, pancreatitis, enzymes, gastrin and cholecystokinin, the nutrients needed to stimulate proper intestinal transit, "said Dr. Corina Zugravu, President of the Center for Beer, Health and Nutrition Studies.

Specialists point out that the secret to getting beneficial effects to the body is moderation, nutritionists recommending a consumption of 330 ml for women and 660 ml for men.

Turmeric can maintain the health of the digestive system

Turmeric (a spice extracted from the root of the Curcuma longa plant) is a natural remedy that can support the feeding of digestive friendly bacteria. The condiment contains certain active substances called curcuminoids with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. Nutritionists recommend eating turmeric (a teaspoon) diluted in a glass of lukewarm water.

Pepper contributes to proper digestion

Nutritionists recommend that freshly ground black pepper be used to prepare food. International studies done on this spice show that black pepper can improve digestion and stimulate immunity. Its main active substance, piperine, can improve digestion, can help reduce blood fat and have antioxidant properties. Pepper increases the level of acid secretion in the stomach, thus helping the digestive system of the body. Cramps and bloating are just two of the symptoms of a malfunctioning digestive system that the pepper is fighting against.

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