Why do some people cheat, which is the cause of the calvary

Why do some people cheat, which is the cause of the calvary

How do some people lose their hair? Can science help him recover?

Why do I just cheat some people? Did you ask? What do Charles Darwin, Michael Jordan and Yoda have in common? And they, like many other personalities who have entered history, have no hair on their heads.

Some have chosen this. For centuries, baldness was a symbol of intelligence. Despite this, many people left hairless would like to recover it.

Scientists are concerned. Why do some people lose their hair and how can I recover it?

An average scalp has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs. The thread is mainly made of keratin, the proteins remaining from the dead cells, which were forced to go up through the scalp, leaving room for the new cells.

The structure of the follicles is the one that potentiates the growth of hair, a complete network that is formed before we are born.

Then the future adult planting is outlined. People differ a lot, some have rich hair, others rarely.

Depending on changes in the body, hair growth is also affected. Men are more prone to Calvity, which is a genetic feature and is inherited.

Follicles are very sensitive because of dihydrotestosterone, a biologically active metabolite of testosterone, produced primarily in the prostate, but also in the testes, pile follicles and adrenal glands.

DHT causes a reduction in the production of sensitive follicles, the capillary ornament growing more and more.

Loss is not done suddenly, but gradually, on the scale called Norwood, which describes the severity of the calvitie.

First, hair is lost in the temples area, then from the top of the head. These areas are very exposed and are spreading alarmingly.

Hair is not lost just for genetic causes, stress is also a very serious reason, which affects women, especially after birth. Follicles lose their ability to grow. This also goes for the patients who undergo the chemotherapy procedure.

Although Calvitation seems to be permanent, studies show the opposite. Under the skin of the scalp, the roots remain alive. Based on this information, scientists have created medications that shorten the resting phase of pilose follicles and force them to grow.

Other pills prevent testosterone transformation into DHT, such as the more sensitive follicles being unaffected.

And stem cells are used to treat hair growth, but scientists promise they do not give up until I find the formula that will help hair grow in areas affected by calvitie.

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