Why does cancer develop? Oncologist: "This food should disappear from the diet of any of us, it's poison"

Why does cancer develop? Oncologist: "This food should disappear from the diet of any of us, it's poison"

In an interview for Evenimentul Zilei, oncologist Catalin Costovici explained the factors that lead to cancer and what diet the patients should adopt.

-Why do we get sick of cancer?

-It is likely that the environmental factors, which are related to the breathing air, are incriminated, by the defective nutrition that we find abundantly in supermarkets. Everything that means an agricultural product is treated and paratratrated. The real cause, however, we do not know it. Everything we tell about radiation, stress, nutrition, etc. these are risk factors.

But why does cancer appear, we do not know. And then the hazard plays a part in this whole story. It's like a kind of Russian roulette in which we all participate. Even everyone. Any of us can develop cancer sooner or later. How good is our luck. Most cancers are accidental, that is, the consequence of the hazard.

Is there any connection between digestive cancers and processed meat?

-The processed barley must disappear from the diet of any of us: sausages, sausages, sausages, parisers, sausages with chopped flesh. It's the poorest, it's poison, because processing itself means some stabilizers, dyes, the famous Euri. And their effect is cumulative over time and, in decades, these effects are poisoned on bread, or without bread. And bread has stabilizers, emulsifiers, and lots of things.

– Is not bread good?

-The best bread is the one that strengthens the next day. Bread that lasts for a week or more is surely some extra stuff that does not work well. And in the long run, all these elements only bring about mutagens, which lead to DNA aggression. And from these persistent and perpetual aggressions there is a cell that makes her go crazy.

-If we add the daily stress.

-It is, of course, the element of stress, which no one can escape, especially in urban areas, where there is much agitation. This is the cocktail of great success to make a misfortune like cancer.

-But mobile phones cause brain cancer?

– I'm convinced there's a connection. The studies are not very concrete, but there are ultramagnetic radiation and that does not have any consequences. Wherever repetitive stimulation induces at least one inflammation, and chronic inflammation can, from a medical point of view, lead to a problem of this kind. But we probably will never see a very serious study telling us that the exposure to electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone is linked or leads to cancer because it is the pressure of the manufacturers. Read the full interview on EVZ.RO.

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