Why is the man stuck in negative states? Explanations of a famous psychologist

Why is the man stuck in negative states? Explanations of a famous psychologist

The emotional brain is one of the functions of the unstudied and unmanaged man, and emotions happen to man because of the influences around him. If he sees someone dear, he's happy, if anyone gets upset, he's sad.

According to the psychologist Alexandru Plesea, man can not generate emotions around him, no matter what happens … around: he can not forgive, if everyone does not forgive, can not work, if everyone around is lazy. Thus, he learns the mechanisms of action of others and acquires emotional and mental functions.

"This influence around, man lives and it seems normal. It will adapt if it changes tradition, speed or interests. The emotional brain is the one that memorizes the best. He has his own intelligence, memory, and speed. For example, he can not think of love or feeling for another man, can not forget the thrill in his stomach at first love, can not forget when his baby was born, can not think of the chills or the fear and, of course, can not think of belonging when someone is leaving or coming from and into this world, "explains psychologist Alexandru Plesea, known to the public as the Coach of the Mind.

Moreover, the specialist thinks that the so-called emotional brain, if not trained, unfortunately processes and preserves what man does not want, that is, fear, irritation or annoyance. If he had not lived in the past, he would not have known that they existed.

What makes man keep these negative emotions?

The emotional brain keeps these negative emotions because it does not know how to judge things around. He needs great help, and the ultimate helper is the supreme judge, that is, the Mind.

"The mind is the secret to making the emotional brain out of the deadlock. The mind can change the trajectory of negative emotions through decisions. For example, can give irritation a gift, sadness a smile, annoyance a hug. All are decisions. Every moment of decision needs energy in man. Emotional imbalance is every man in society. He is distracted, kidnapped, tormented and attracted to something new every 3-4 seconds: thought, phone, email, boss, fellow, family, urban noise, etc. Man can not sit quietly. Quietness became the last Lux wanted by people. Imbalance exists because society pushes man to that. As the man balances, some go to the monastery, the ashram, the cave, etc. For those who stay, the work intensifies, it becomes 2 times harder to live in peace, here in society ", concludes the psychologist Alexandru Plesea.

Alexandru Plesea, known to the public as the Coach of the Mind, is a sociologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programmer. He studied the nature of the human mind in three different educational systems – the United States, the United Kingdom and Romania and for over 10 years organizes courses and trainings in Romania to help people find out what opportunities they have when they use their intellectual resources to show the skills that our mind still lacks.

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