Why Razvan Ciobanu died! The details that shake the mundane world

Why Razvan Ciobanu died! The details that shake the mundane world

Why Razvan Ciobanu died! The last-minute details that shake the mundane world

Răzvan Ciobanu, the well-known fashion designer who died in a terrible car accident at the wheel of an SUV that didn't even belong to him, has sparked hundreds of post-mortem controversies.

At 7 months after his shocking death, a sure cause of the designer's death has not yet been concluded.

With a controversial life, Răzvan Ciobanu had good friends, but also enemies. A good friend was his lawyer Laura Vicol, who came up with some incendiary statements about the death of his good friend.

Laura Vicol claims that a close relative of Răzvan Ciobanu would have used him, and he would have been the moral author of the tragedy.

"This moral author you say is someone around him, in his life. He is a new person who has entered his life, he has entered his life lately, and I personally consider him directly responsible for his death. He is a moral author, because if he had not existed all these things would not have happened. It all happened because of a person, who unfortunately has no way to answer criminally because what he did is not a crime. (n.red. – did he crash because of him? No, excuse me, God forbid! I didn't say this, I am a lawyer and I do not speculate, I only talk about evidence and so on. He was forced to go to sea. he came back because he wanted to come home. That person used a lot of it, "Laura Vicol told spynews.ro

"The file is near the end, I will make all the details public when I have the final solution. There was a lot of speculation in the file, because no information came out of it. I will tell them all, in the smallest details because Razvan deserves to know absolutely all the details of his death. I believe that in a maximum of two weeks we will have a solution on file! ”, Said Laura Vicol, lawyer of Rzvan Ciobanu and his parents, informs wowbiz.ro


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