Why the Minister of Health sent the control body to INML

Why the Minister of Health sent the control body to INML

Why the Minister of Health sent the control body to INML

The Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea, sent the Control Body to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine "Mina Minovici" on Wednesday to carry out checks on administrative issues, according to representatives of the MS.

According to the same sources, checks are also made regarding the communication procedures of the INML.

The Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea, said on Wednesday that he can make an inspection at the National Institute of Legal Medicine (INML) "Mina Minovici" in the Capital only from an administrative point of view, in the context in which Alexandru Cumpănaşu, Alexandria's uncle, requested checks at this institution regarding the management of information on the expertise carried out in the Caracal case.

On Tuesday, Alexandru Cumpănaşu wrote on Facebook that he will submit a request to the Ministry of Health for a check at the Institute of Legal Medicine, "to identify these hallucinatory leaks of false information, but also to follow the administrative procedures in the process of public communication or administration. expertise ".

His reaction came as a result of a press release sent by INML, which stated that in the case of Caracal "specific activities of forensic expertise and specific activities of anthropological and genetic laboratory for obtaining medical data" complete laws and that "in order to complete the legal-medico data in the interests of justice", a process of re-sampling and resumption of DNA analysis is underway, a process that will continue, even if the available bone material is in an advanced state of degradation.

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