Wonderful diet that brings your dream figure in just two months

Wonderful diet that brings your dream figure in just two months

Montignac Diet is a diet that promises and even succeeds in getting a person to the much desired figure in less than two months. Cure is divided into two stages: weight loss and weight gain.

Michel Montignac classifies foods according to their glycemic index (IG). It measures the ability of glucides to increase blood glucose levels.

Practically, the Montignac diet is a diet based on eating low-glycemic foods, which offers a rapid weight loss. Very important in this diet is to maintain the new weight. This is only possible if diet recommendations are still met, the secondary weight gain being mainly achieved by fat accumulation.

Its initiator, Michel Montignac, classified foods according to their glycemic index (IG). He believes that in order to get rid of the excess of pounds, at a meal we have to choose foods with a low glycemic index and eliminate products with a high glycemic index.

There are several classifications of glycemic indices. Montignac divides them into three categories:

  • Low GI, less than or equal to 35;
  • Average GI ranging from 35 to 50;
  • Higher IG, greater than 50.

The principle of this diet is that stimulating insulin secretion by increasing glycemia after eating high glycemic foods leads to weight gain by fat accumulation – insulin being an anabolic hormone.

No combinations of carbohydrates and lipids are allowed at the same meal, and a 3-hour break after a meal with carbohydrates with lipids is recommended before carbohydrates are consumed. He is also not allowed to jump over a table.

It includes 2 stages:

Step 1: where it is weakened, where protein-carbohydrate or protein-lipid meals are consumed, and foods with a glycemic index below 50 are allowed.

Phase 2: maintaining the diet is essential. It is important to avoid over-eating, especially those in the high glycemic foods category.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of this Diet:

A weight loss is achieved and maintenance is possible if diet recommendations are followed.

It's very easy to follow, especially if you like meat and fats.

One major disadvantage is that maintaining new weights is very difficult, especially in the absence of compliance with the rules of the diet. There is also the risk of constipation because the diet has a high protein intake. Physicians say that those who have hyperuricemia and gout are not allowed to follow this diet.

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